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Dentist Alejandro Benitez    I have been practicing dentistry in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico for 15 years.  I received my DDS from College of Dental Surgeons, Tepic. Nayarit, class of 2002, and also have advanced degrees from other universities.  Out of a beginning class of 96, only 21 graduated after 5 years of schooling.  After graduation, we had an additional year of internship, working with other dentists.  In addition to my degrees, I have been doing dental work of all types in Nuevo Progresso for 11 years and  I enjoy my job.  My office is easy to find just 1/2 block on the left side from the international bridge in Progreso, Texas, close to McAllen and Weslaco.  Most people walk across the bridge and enjoy looking at the shops and sidewalk stands on the way to my office. 

You may rest assured that myself and my staff have the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene.  We have never had infection from any work that we performed. We use pure bottled water, sterile gloves, mask, and sterile instruments, and disposable needles at all times. We are proud of the sanitation certificate displayed on the wall in the waiting room.  And we practice pain free dentistry. If you feel discomfort at any time, we will stop and remedy the situation. You will be pleased when you visit our office.  

We are very Proud of the Work that We Do:

 Advantages of Dental Work in Mexico

In addition to doing every type of work on your teeth and pain free dentistry, we offer the best value. We know the cost of dental treatments in the states is very high.  Because of lower overhead, in Mexico, we can offer the same services for a lot less.  Root canals generally run $180.00 and Porcelain Crowns $150.00 or $200.00. The quality of work is equal to anywhere in the world and we guarantee our work.  

Call us at  011 52 (899) 937-0211    Talk to Abby

USA --  956-377-1171 

We are very easy to find

Drive to South Texas on Hwy 77 South.  When you almost reach Harlingen stay in right lane and bear right on Hwy 83 toward Weslaco.  Go for about 15 miles until you see FM 1015 exit sometimes called International Blvd or Mile 2W exit.  Take that exit and turn left under the freeway on International Highway and it's 7 miles to the Rio Grande River and the border.  Good parking for $2.00 a day right beside the bridge on the right hand side and you may leave your car on the US side and walk into Mexico for 50 cents toll. Clean restrooms on both sides of the bridge going into Mexico and coming out.  (25 cents to get out) 

After you cross over the office is on the left side of the road, just a half block stroll from the bridge.  My office is in the middle of the block and there is a sign on the window that says Dr. Alejandro Benitez.  Come right inside and you will be welcomed.  You don't need an appointment.  First come first served.  My office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Saturday, and 8am to 2pm on Sunday.   Good air conditioning in waiting room, you might need a jacket.

 Usually all work is completed in one day. But sometimes another day is required for building of porcelain crowns or fitting of dentures. But this also gives you time to browse the shops of Nuevo Progreso where you will find jewelry, blankets, dresses, wood crafts, hats, pottery, art, leather goods including boots and belts, vanilla, legal drugs and spirits. A delightful vacation in a safe environment. Thank you for your time.


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Doctor Benitez with Diploma and Advanced Degrees

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Dr. Alejandro Benitez Friends and Family